Lauren Argue




Vocals, Bass, Guitar:

Lauren is the bass player and vocalist for The Argues. At five, Lauren started singing songs to her dad’s guitar playing. Soon after, she began taking vocal lessons and then picked up the bass. Much to her sister’s disdain, Lauren enjoys singing opera in her free time. Her favourite bass player has long been Donald “Duck” Dunn, but she gains influences from a wide range of bands and musicians including Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Glen Campbell,  Bee Gees, and Van Morrison…. She loves fishing, reading, and watching classic movies. Her favorite movie, though a tough choice, is Ben Hur. She loves fishing, most sports and makes a mean chili. What might you not know about Lauren? Well, when she was seven, she got stuck in a metal laundry hamper while playing hide and seek with Sabrina.  The fire department had to come and took an hour to cut her out!  Apart from getting into that kind of trouble, Lauren loves songwriting, recording, and performing live and she is excited to be able to do these things!